Powerpuff Girls iPhone Case for iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/12 Pro/12Pro Max, Soft Silicone Shockproof Cover, Cute Phone Case, Y2K, Animation, New Jeans

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I hereby dedicate this "Powfect" phone case series to all those powerful and perfect fairies from all walks of life. Looking at these powefect anime characters, they remind me of life resilience and love-myself phrase. Let's never forget: we all as individuals are invaluable beings just by our existence, and so are these cases.
Crafted with meticulously designed and high-quality soft silicone material, this iPhone case functions as a strong cushion for your device with shockproof, dust-proof, and anti-fingerprints functions, that can effectively protect your phone in all angles. Of course, it can help minimize any potential damages in the events of accidental phone drops, as well as prevent hard objects from scratching and leaving scratches to your phone. Indeed, it can fully protect your iPhone since material quality is not easy to break or wear off. Thus, the original color stays bright and beautiful for a long period of time.
The phone case does not affect your daily usage of iPhone screen time, as it can be flawlessly charged without removing the phone case, and that it's sweat-proof. You can take it out for your daily runs outside or workouts at the gym. You won't lose your grip!
Introducing you this self-empowering cases - you are cool as who you are! Let's tell ourselves that every morning in front of our mirrors! I mean, look at the delicate touuch of the mini sunglasses our phone cases would be wearing - always telling us to embrace us as who we are! ;)
As you can tell, this is the perfect gift for yourself, your besties, and all other loved ones who wanna express their creative souls with cute and beautiful objects meaningful to themselves. It can be a reward for yourself, a nice add-on for music festivals, a birthday present, or family gifts on special days like Christmas, graduation, or surprise parties. You name it!

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